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  • Nanuk – A Hopeful Polar Bear Tale
  • Nanuk – A Hopeful Polar Bear Tale
  • Nanuk – A Hopeful Polar Bear Tale

Nanuk – A Hopeful Polar Bear Tale

2015 Family Choice Award Winner



2014 Green Book Festival Animal Award Winner


2014 Mom’s Choice Gold Metal Award:  Children’s Picture Book – Green Earth


“At the top of the world in the arctic cold, the polar bear lives, a sight to behold.
A story of change and loss of home, a hungry family on the roam.”

Nanuk, a young polar bear mother must deal with a changing environment as she tries to provide for her cubs.  Will Nanuk be able to find enough sea ice to hunt for food?

Themes of climate change, loss of habitat and human-animal interaction make this book a thoughtful and moving introduction to discussions of how climate change is impacting polar bears.

“I wish there were more books that allowed children (and adults) to learn the real plight of animals, while giving them the tools to think about how they can improve the world. Excellent!”-Phaedra Kitty

“This thoughtful tale is complete with maps, a glossary, facts about polar bears, and questions to help children think about, extend, and connect with Nanuk and his story.”- Richard A. Davies


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