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  • Frank the Tank – An Adopted Dog Tale
  • Frank the Tank – An Adopted Dog Tale
  • Frank the Tank – An Adopted Dog Tale

Frank the Tank – An Adopted Dog Tale

2015 Family Choice Award Winner


A RedRover recommended children’s book.


Mom’s Choice Gold Metal Award: Children’s Picture Book – Domestic Animals & Pets


“Say hello to Frank the Tank, one mighty little pup, he was living at the pound but never once gave up. A story of love and gratitude, an adopted mutt with attitude!”

Frank the Tank, an adopted Welsh Corgi mix, learns what fun it is to finally have a home of his own.  Daily walks, a family that loves him and even birthday surprises make his life complete.

Gentle themes of pet owner responsibility and animal adoption make this funny and light-hearted book a delightful lead into discussions of pet ownership and the many animals waiting to find homes.

Special thanks to our charismatic character models: Allison Nock, Luke Johnson, Hannah Gonzalez, Kylie Wimberly, Brydan Akin, Lillian Willis, Kannedy Stalger, Lily Kovar, Abby Jolicoeur, Sydney Dahlgren, and Natalie Swanner.

“A story told in rhyme with lessons taught on the importance and responsibility of caring for ones own pet.
Beautiful colorful pages filled with lots of detail to keep young kids engaged.”-Breanne B.

“The stories in this series of books are great, but the artwork is far superior to your average children’s book.”- Charlie C.

“Having just read “Frank the Tank,” again, to my 2 year old Grandson, I am reminded just how delightful it is to read a book that makes a child laugh and has something important to say. The laughter is contagious. When it was time for dinner, Henry said, ” Let’s eat hearty.” You’ll have to read “Frank the Tank” to understand his words. I “heartily” recommend this book!”- Barbara Z.



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