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  • Footprints – A Beach Tale
  • Footprints – A Beach Tale
  • Footprints – A Beach Tale

Footprints – A Beach Tale

2015 Family Choice Award Winner


2014 Green Book Festival Children’s Book Honorable Mention Award Winner


2014 Mom’s Choice Gold Metal Award: Children’s Picture Book – Animal Kingdom



“Whose footprints in the sand are these, between the surf and ocean breeze?

A story of creatures walking the shore, of tracks left behind, so fun to explore!”

Take a walk along the beach and discover the many animals that leave their tracks behind.  How many do you recognize?

Gentle themes of respect for nature, conservation and shared habitat make Footprints a delightful introduction to the interconnection of humans, animals and the ever-changing beach environment.

“We now have a new favorite book at our house! So beautifully written and appealing to all ages!”- Robyn Wells

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