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Wise Owl Tales

Stories to empower, books to collect,
About those whose lives we want to protect. 

Stories that question, stories that teach,
Giving voice to those who don’t have speech.

Stories of sharing our planet blue,
To save those endangered takes a world view.

Stories of wisdom, nature and hope,
Broaden horizons, increase the scope.

Stories of animals who live on this Earth,
All have immeasurable value and worth. 

Stories to inspire, awaken the soul,
To help raise awareness, that is our goal. 

Education is the key to protecting the future of the earth and all that share it.  Wise Owl Tales’ mission is to provide young readers with stories that will engage their curiosity about animals and inspire them to become active in preservation and conservation issues.  Respect for nature and positive human-animal relationships are central themes in Wise Owl Tales.  

As told from the view point of fictional characters, stories in the Wise Owl Tales series are based on real life challenges of threatened species and the environment.  

Written in rhyming text and supplemented with facts against a background of mixed media illustrations, Wise Owl Tales are a unique resource for discussing and learning about issues that affect our planet. We invite you to read, think, and act as you share our books with a child you love. 

DJ Burk and Caitlyne Lopez are former elementary school teachers who share a love for animals and nature.  Together, they are the creators of Wise Owl Tales, a collection of informational children’s picture books. 

Special thanks to Diane Bogle, Kelly Bowlin, Esther Calderon, Fran Kentling, Alison Mestle, Cate Simmers, and Barbara Zielstra for their thoughtful insights, help and encouragement.

Words and pictures by Lopez and Burk, 
Inspired by nature, love their work. 
Learners, teachers and travelers who 
Look at life from the animals’ view.

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